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Happy Halloween 2019! + Missing Stars Update

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well. It's Halloween! The time of year where fantastic costumes, delicious candy and all of the skeletons reign supreme.

Speaking of costumes, the always amazing Kuroe has drawn Jeanne in a super adorable cat costume!

It's the internet, we gotta go with cats. 

While we're here, we thought we'd give a little update on Missing Stars: Act One.

We're happy to report that progress is coming along very well! We have about 75% of Act One's scenes programmed into the game, so we just have to get the remaining 25% programmed in and begin our master edit.

In the art department, all of Jeanne's line art is complete, and we're going to be retouching a few of our sprites soon.

Once again, thanks for your continued patience and support!