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So You Forgot About Valentine's Day...

Ah, that special day is upon us... You know, the day where half the population voices their resentment of yet another commercialised holiday out of bitter loneliness, while the other half scrambles to get a gift basket from the convenience store on the way home from work. You gotta admit, a squeaky teddy bear and stale chocolate is a lot cheaper than alimony. Speaking of last minute gifts, Blackjack bailed us out and picked this image up from Tesco on her way home.    image by Blackjack How would you guys spend Valentine's Day with your waifu? Discuss here in the forums . (Seriously, we need romantic ideas for tonight or we're in the doghouse.) -kosherbacon

Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

The issue of what the optimal degree is of letting a fictional character be defined by a so-called "mental illness" is one that is obviously of great relevance to our work and that by extension has already been discussed at length several times already by several different persons on this very blog, some of which are probably smarter than me or more knowledgeable on the subject matter and all of them undoubtedly more capable of expressing their opinions in less than a thousand words. I still haven't done so, though, or at least not to any degree that I would consider satisfactory and thus I have decided to take a short break from the job I've signed on to do and that is by all means expected of me to once again bother the lot of you with my pointless verbosity and meaningless rhetorical cyclicity. My desire to spew forth purple prose must, after all, be satisfied if I am to further postpone the inevitability of me one day snapping and going on a destruct