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It's that time again - time for another update!
This time we have something a bit more substantial for you guys to take a peek at, and we're very excited to see what you think. Handled by the prolific Kuroe, we're proud to present Missing Stars: Overture!
Missing Stars: Overture is a collection of short stories featuring your favorite Missing Stars heroines. We decided it was high time to give everyone a preview of our writing and, as an added bonus, a preview of a new side character - Fran Dragovic!
Fran shows up in two of our short stories, and we figured we might as well give you guys a picture of what she looks like in uniform.
Fran is one of my favorite characters in Missing Stars, and I hope she becomes one of yours!
You can download your own copy of Missing Stars: Overture on our website.
We hope you enjoy!
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Introducing Her Grace, the Duchess

Annaliese sprites inside; ready your defibrillators

Yo. My name’s Ultra_HR. I write Annaliese. I’ve got a few things to say, but first, check this out:
I’ll just give you a few seconds to let that sink in. Please feel free to take yourself to your nearest hospital if you feel you may be having the symptoms of a myocardial infarction (and note that Somnova Studios cannot be held liable for this).

This is Annaliese doing what Annaliese loves best; listening to music. Savour this smile. Protect it.

Annaliese hasn’t changed quite so much as the last Missing Starlet we featured, Jeanne. In fact, the design we’ve settled on here is pretty much the OG Annaliese, sidetail and all. Why change perfection?

Annaliese originally had full-blown over-ear headphones. This made for a nice design that many of you will be familiar with and for a fair while she wasn’t seen without them. Choosing to replace these with earbuds was a relatively big decision for a girl whose life revolves mostly around music, but in the end, I think it has more positives tha…

Jeanne Sprite Design Complete!

Woah, an actual Missing Stars update!

Jeanne's been through a lot. From her initial conception five years (really, that long?) ago to today, she's been through art style changes, four different artists, and, most recently, her final sprite direction guided by the lovely Eora, which, in comparison, took a lot less time than all the other stuff.

So here she is! This is the finalized design for Jeanne!

Team-wise, we've added a few new faces. Duane and Lamalama are our newest musicians, and they've got a heck of a lot of talent. Discord deviant Likhos has joined as a colorist and is working hard already! Lastly, Fia has joined as a researcher/psychology consultant to ensure our characters are accurate in terms of their disorders.

We're happy to have them all aboard, and we all are making incredible strides to ensuring that the public will see Missing Stars by the end of this century. :p

Stay tuned!

- Hamadyne

PS: We're still looking for talented artists and musician…

A Call to Arms!

Hello everyone,
We've been making steady progress with Act One's scripting and editing, with exciting changes and cute characters!
With more and more scripts being completed, we've decided to open up positions for new musicians. We're looking for people who can produce music similar to the ones below:
In addition, we are also looking for something called a leitmotif. What's that, you ask? It's a unique musical piece that can be used to represent something relating to a path girl. Essentially we're looking for a riff or tune for each girl that encapsulates the theme of their route and characteristics. For example, Katja's may be elegant piano while Lena's may be fast guitar.
If you're a musician but don't have access to recording software, then feel free to submit rough ideas for our team of musicians to use to write a song. You'll be credited!
As always, we're also looking for talented sprite and…