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Missing Stars Updates and Route Cancellation

Hey folks! We've got some important updates coming to Missing Stars , including some general typo/grammar fixes and adding new art assets. Please look forward to those changes coming soon. Secondly, I'd like to talk about another route cancellation. While it's unfortunate, the planned Irene route we've talked about amongst us developers has to be cancelled. We originally talked about adding her in as a "bonus" route for the Steam version, but we have run into issues and have thus had to cancel our plans for the route. But, we don't want to leave you assuming we're making this up. We do have an asset we can share with you! The Live2D implementation of this CG did not work as planned, unfortunately. We're sad that we're not able to incorporate the Irene route as originally intended, but we're still working hard on Act Two -- expect more updates on that soon! Thanks for all of your continued support, we really appreciate it.
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Missing Stars - Now Available on Steam!

Hello everyone! We're super excited to finally have Missing Stars out on Steam. Thank you so much for your support, and we hope you enjoy the game! As an Early Access title, we plan to correct any bugs, audio issues, typos, and general sprite weirdness as we find them. If you have any such issues to report, please be sure report on Discord, Steam, or We'll do our best to get to them ASAP and post appropriate patch notes when fixes are ready. Once again, thank you all so much for your continued support over the years. Missing Stars has been our team's passion for a long time. We hope that our characters and stories give you joy and excitement, and that you also look forward to our future work on Act Two and beyond!

Missing Stars - Steam Release Announcement

Hello everyone! I'm pleased to announce that we have a release date for our new Steam release. Missing Stars will be released on both Steam and on November 12th! This new version of Missing Stars will contain much of the same content you're used to, plus some extras, including: New (and updated) sprites! New (and updated) backgrounds! More CGs! A music player A BG/CG viewer Accessibility options As we continue to develop Missing Stars, we will make announcements when new content is ready. This means that we can show you more of the story that much sooner! See our previous blog post detailing this. If you haven't already, please take the time to wishlist Missing Stars on Steam! If you prefer, follow us here!   Once again, thank you so much for your support, it means so much to us. We are very excited to showcase all of our new changes with this new version of Missing Stars ! Twitter Official Somnova Discord

Somnova Studios: September 2023 Update

Greetings, everyone! We have an update for you: After some (slightly frustrating) waiting from the Valve Review Team, Missing Stars is now available to wishlist on Steam ! We're all super excited for you all to try out our new build (with updated content), coming out soon! (We'll drop a release date as soon as we're confident that everything is wrapped up!) Please spread the word on social media as best you can -- every little bit helps us get more attention! We'd love to see more people enjoy Missing Stars ! For those that are Steam-averse, we have an updated build coming out on as well -- stay tuned for that release as well! Once again, thank you so much for your continued support of Missing Stars. We're doing our best behind the scenes to give you all Act Two and beyond!  Twitter Instagram Facebook Official Somnova Discord

Somnova Studios: June 2023 Update

Hey folks! It's time for another Missing Stars update! We've been hard at work making the magic happen behind the scenes, and we have a special treat for you: our official trailer! As for development updates: the team is in the process of quality testing our scripts and making sure everything looks good. We're confident that we'll be done relatively soon. Once we have a release date pinned down, we'll make another announcement! In the meantime, please like, share, or leave a comment on the trailer's YouTube page!  Spreading the word about our visual novel is the greatest thing you can do to help (and it makes you super awesome, to boot). Thanks for reading! -Hamadyne Twitter Instagram Facebook Official Somnova Discord