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Happy Holidays + Missing Stars Update

Hey everyone, we just wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays!!! We hope you're having a very Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, whatever you celebrate! As long as you're having a good and safe holiday season that's all that matters!

So let's talk about progress with Missing Stars. For the past few years, progress has been glacial, and we can't apologize enough. However, in the last few months, things have changed. In October we started using scrums.

"What's a scrum??" I already hear you asking.

Well, a scrum is a way of breaking a large task down into many smaller ones. Instead of attempting to tackle all of act 1 by 2019, we decided to tackle 6 scripts by the end of October. We've found this to be an incredible boost to our output; With this scrum we have officially passed 25% complete mark for act 1.

Doing some Rough math, and given that nothing awful happens, we should have act 1 completed by late 2019. That's right, we'r…
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We Want You to Work for Somnova Studios

That's right!  We're looking for new members for our team, specifically in our sound department. We're down to 1 sound personnel, which is less than ideal for them and for us.

We're looking for people to help out with composing and arranging the soundtrack and background music. If you have experience in any of the aforementioned categories, contact us if you're interested!

-> We are working with logic Pro, so if you have some experience with that, it'd be a great plus. However, it's not a requirement.
-> Missing Stars is a longtime project, so please only apply is you intend to stick around for the long run and put time and effort into it. Keep in mind that the job of a composer goes beyond simply composing - there's leitmotifs to plan, routes to read and understand, meetings to attend!
->We will want to see some of your previous work, so please make sure you have something to show us when applying. We don't ask for a professi…

Happy Halloween!

Hey all! It's that time of year again, with tons of candy and costumes to accompany you off this mortal coil.

Speaking of costumes, we have a few to show you! First is our Dynamic Russian Duo, Sofyia and Natalya! Kuroe did an excellent job, as always.

Second is... a new character?

Introducing Eleanor Tabrizi! She also goes by Nell, if that's more convenient for you. A close friend of Katja's, the two of them spend a lot of time together outside of school. Likhos whipped up a very cute picture of her in a cat onesie. We even have a nice introductory Halloween-themed story featuring her, written by our own messiessie. Here's a link to download a PDF version!

Eora has made a few concept pieces of her, so here's a few never-before-seen sketches! We hope you enjoy this extra treat as we continue to work on Missing Stars.

Somnova Studios Presents: Surkea

We recently participated in's Ren'Py Jam to create a visual novel in two weeks. It was a fun challenge and we learned a few things!
Eora, one of our artists, has been hard at work making her own sci-fi yuri visual novel, Sugar and Massacre (demo here).During the planning stages of our game jam, she proposed a side story that takes place in that game's setting, Surkea. We really liked her idea, so we all decided to go ahead and flesh it out.
It's now available for download on!
We sincerely hope that you enjoy Surkea.

Entering the Paladin Initiative!

Hello everyone! I hope you're keeping cool in this sweltering heat.

As some of you might know, we're already affiliated with a few other studios as a means to build a community of EVN developers and their fans.

Wolf, one of our developers and a director at his own studio, Watercress, has been developing a more formal version of what we've started to establish online.

Today, I am pleased to announce that we are official partners of the Paladin Initiative! Below is some art of their mascot (art by KeiryuuSeo) and an awesome wax seal as their logo.

This group of fellow EVN developers aims to foster better ethical practices within the industry, including:
Hiring/Commissioning artists, writers, musicians, and programmersSharing resources between affiliated studiosStandardized marketing materials and contracts What does this mean for Missing Stars?
First off, we'll have access to a wider group of active EVN developers which can help out with polishing our final product. This…