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Somnova Studios: April 2022 Update

Hey everyone, it's Hamadyne here with a new update for Missing Stars: Act One. As we move further into the 2022, we've been making a lot of progress on the new build for Steam. Something we've been working on for a while is an improved save/load menu! Saving now has a more intuitive space for writing save messages. And loading... looks pretty similar! Very nice. Adam has been working hard at getting this menu looking super polished (and significantly less buggy than the older version), and we hope to polish the rest of the UI just as well as this menu is! Meanwhile, in the art department, we've been adding some more facial expressions for some of our characters who sorely needed some additional emotes. Isolda and Annaliese, for some reason, were a bit stony-faced when we initially made the requests for their initial sprites, and we wanted to add a bit more life to their respective characters. This expression was on another pose, but for some reason wasn't on this si
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Somnova Studios Update: 10 Year Anniversary

10 years.  120 months.  3,625 days. As of February 17th, 2022, Somnova Studios and our project Missing Stars will officially be 10 years old! In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, we are planning to do a live Q&A on our Twitch channel, giving you wonderful fans a chance to ask us any questions that you're dying to know the answer to! On February 1st, we will be releasing a Google Forms survey for you folks to submit questions for the livestream. After two weeks, we will select a few questions to start the stream, as well as take any other questions that come through our Twitch chat.  Feel free to ask about:  Any of our projects ( Missing Stars, Arcadia, Surkea etc.)  A Field of Flowers and Stars (co-produced with Watercress, our sister studio)  Movies, books, TV shows, art and games that have inspired us over the years Something silly (within reason)  Whatever else comes to mind! While we are very excited about what questions you have for us, we also feel it's im

A Very Merry Somnova Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Today, we have a little present for you all: a cute chibi drawing of Sofiya and Natalya! We've had a great 2021, but 2022 is looking to be another fantastic year for Missing Stars and for our studio. We are extremely excited to show off more content for our visual novel, so please look forward to our upcoming updates regarding our Steam release! Have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend, and may you all have a happy new year too! Twitter Instagram Facebook Official Somnova Discord

Somnova Studios: November 2021 Update

It's time for another Missing Stars Update!  While working on our changes for Act One's upcoming Steam release, our writer for Lena has had to make his departure from the studio. It's unfortunate, but it happens with volunteer projects such as these. We took the time to find a suitable replacement for Lena - her unique characterization meant we had to find someone who could really excel with her character. Sadly, we felt that there was no one who could capture the original writing style. What's more, the act of finding a new writer might also introduce additional risks such as potential ghosting and/or incompatibilities with other team members. All of this internal discussion was also taking up valuable time that would be better suited for other Missing Stars content.  As a result of this, we feel that it is best to remove Lena as a route character, and make her a side character instead.  What does this mean for Act One?   Lena's character will still be featured i

Somnova Studios: September 2021 Update

Hello again, it's another Missing Stars update! This month's update will once again be rather short, but we do have a great update for this month: all of Act One's scenes have been converted over to our new code base that Adam W, our lead writer, talks about here .  At the same time, we are continuing to update and add any missing CGs, sprites, as well as revamp our UI so that Missing Stars looks even prettier for the Steam release. Here's a recent work in progress, featuring Erik and Annaliese! The full image is way too cute for this blog post, so you'll have to wait. We also decided to make a "sprite" of Erik proper, as we realized that we actually didn't have a reference that wasn't in a CG or early concept art. This piece probably won't show up in-game, but in the case that you all need a reference for fanart, storytelling, or something else entirely, here's an official image of our protagonist! Special thanks to Likhos for making this