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Somnova Studios: March 2023 Update

Hey there! Hope you are all enjoying 2023 so far.  Missing Stars has been in development for 11 years now, and we've had a lot of fun polishing it and making it a fantastic visual novel. We're now in the final stages of adding new CGs, music tracks, and making our new user interface. Speaking of, here's a preview of the new textbox in our debug build! We decided to increase the opacity, add a drop shadow for the text, and make a swanky new name box. Not everything is in place just yet, but we're happy with the look so far. Note: Erik is not, and will not be, any sort of machine or man-machine interface. Now, on to more business things. Our Steam release is coming soon, and there's an extra little update I'd like to go over: Missing Stars  will be released episodically! We felt that trying to pile on the rest of our written content into "the rest of the game" involved a lot of extensive future planning, which would prove difficult given our studio's