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Oblogatory Blogress Update

Hi all, There's not a whole lot of significant news to report or anything like that - I just wanted to make a post because I don't like going too long without one. Recently, we picked up two editors and an additional programmer, just to lighten some of our collective workload. Sprites continue to chug along at a pretty good rate. By my estimates, we have 4 or 5 more side characters and one or two more main characters who need sprited. After that, it'll be time to work on CG's. We're not really aiming for a super high CG count, simply in the interest of time. There might be an updated version of Act 1 released later on with more CG's, but that's not a certainty. On a side note, I'd like to personally apologize to anyone who applied or otherwise contacted us and didn't hear back. We only recently finished going through yet another rough patch in our development period, and were bad about responding to inquiries. If you had questions or comments tha