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Happy Halloween 2019! + Missing Stars Update

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well. It's Halloween! The time of year where fantastic costumes, delicious candy and all of the skeletons reign supreme. Speaking of costumes, the always amazing Kuroe has drawn Jeanne in a super adorable cat costume! It's the internet, we gotta go with cats.  While we're here, we thought we'd give a little update on Missing Stars: Act One . We're happy to report that progress is coming along very well! We have about 75% of Act One's scenes programmed into the game, so we just have to get the remaining 25% programmed in and begin our master edit. In the art department, all of Jeanne's line art is complete, and we're going to be retouching a few of our sprites soon. Once again, thanks for your continued patience and support! Facebook Twitter Instagram Discord

Somnova Studios Dev Interviews: Kuroe Interview

Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well and oh boy do we have a special blog post for you today. As promised, we have an interview with Kuroe, the writer for Natalya’s route who was kind enough to take the time to be interviewed. Regarding how people find out about Missing Stars, it's incredibly common that people hear about it in some way because of Katawa Shoujo. Would you say that was the case for you? What lead you to joining the Missing Stars team? It was indeed my gateway! KS was such a unique experience so I wanted more after that. I binged through fanfics and other stuff (Sisterhood being an obvious one) and delved for more of that KS goodness until I stumbled on the TV Tropes page for Missing Stars. I saw that it was still in development, so being an impatient bastard I thought "If they aren't releasing it soon, I need to help do it myself.” So I applied as an artist. Now I'm writing the Natalya route.  So you say you applied to be an artist for S

Happy Birthday, Jeanne!

Hello everyone, how you’re doing well. We just wanted to share a post to wish Jeanne Lefevre a happy birthday!! To accompany that, we wanted to share a short character info sheet about her and some cute photos of our favorite thicc girl. We’ll be doing this on all of our character’s birthdays so please look forward to more fun facts about all of our characters! Birthday: October 23 (Mole Day) Favorite Food: Jeanne's a big fan of tomatoes, having greatly enjoyed some fresh ones in her youth. She developed a bit of a habit of evaluating the taste of food as she eats it, something she does when eating at a restaurant somewhere. Hobbies: Jeanne loves reading about scientific discoveries in various blogs, websites, and journals. She especially likes reading about chemistry and physics, her two favorite classes. Outside of school, she enjoys leading St. Dymphna's Astronomy Club in looking at the stars, as well as doing small projects related to it, such as orbital mec

A Brief Update On Missing Stars

Hello everyone, It's been almost eight years since our little group started up out of the Katawa Shoujo  forums. While we've been through a lot of staff changes, Missing Stars  has managed to garner interest from a variety of groups, from fans of Katawa Shoujo  to fans of visual novels in general. More recently, we've gained a sister studio in the form of Watercress, who have proved to be invaluable allies in terms of helping us with marketing and a lot of other optimizations for us. Our other, smaller projects have also been well-received, with our initial release of Arcadia  getting us a lot of positive feedback. We're excited to re-release it on Steam (thanks again to Watercress!) so please check it out there! Missing Stars , of course, has always been our number one priority throughout the years. We've worked hard to make sure our stories about Erik and all of our lovely ladies are well-written, thoughtful, and meaningful for our readers. Fans have as

Somnova Studios Dev Interviews: Hamadyne

Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well and oh boy do we have a special blog post for you today. As promised, we have an interview with Hamadyne, one of the directors for Somnova Studios who was kind enough to take the time to be interviewed. In the past, we’ve talked about how Katawa Shoujo was an inspiration to Missing Stars and was formed along with Somnova Studios. Could you go into details on how that had happened and how you got involved with the project?  Shortly after Katawa Shoujo released, there was a discussion on the forums where another user had asked “Would you play a 'mental disability' VN similar to KS?" ” After that, there was a post asking questions such as what was the setting, what kind of characters would we be dealing with, etc. During that time, I was interested in it and asked the OP, HoneyMuffin If I was able to join/help out, and ended up helping out as a medical advisor. Being on the autism spectrum, I felt that I could help out givin

Somnova Studios Presents: Arcadia (again!)

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well. We have some exciting news for all of you! We're proud to announce the release of Arcadia! This was a si- wait a minute, haven't we already released Arcadia back in April of 2018?  A bit of history: we released Arcadia back then as an entry to NaNoRenO some time back. Sometime after release we announced work on what we called a "Beauty Patch," in which we said we're gonna add in the bells and whistles to make this jazz cafe simulator into a full-fledged VN.  And patch the beauty we did! We are finally releasing what we'd like to call the snazzy D E F I N I T I V E version of Arcadia.  This version includes: -A functioning Extras Gallery -Updated UI with some cool new animations -Improved sprite art -Sparkling new CGs As well as grammatical fixes. We're pretty proud of this one!  What's also new is our new platform we'll be releasing Arcadia on: Steam! That's right