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I'll Have My Halloween Extra Spooky, Hold The Olives

Wait, it's Halloween again? Already? We hope that everyone has a great holiday this year, and that you get a bunch of good treats. Speaking of treats, Kuroe once again shows us his incredible art prowess with a lovely Isolda piece for y'all to take a gander at. What's inside that pumpkin? Candy? Or... something else? Kuroe has even stepped up his game and has offered to lend his art skills for some CGs! Our new art member Shuuko has also been extremely helpful in that regard as well. Thanks, you two! But that's not all! One of our composers, Flare, has also taken the time to record a short piece, In Her Element, from our game's soundtrack on the piano! Take a listen: You can also download an MP3 of it here. We have a few things in the works that we hope everyone will enjoy, so please stay tuned. Feel free to visit us on Discord! Or on our forums, if you like talking about things old-school.