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Please excuse our dust.

Hello all. This is Wren, the background(BG) artist for Missing Stars. I am here to show you the process taken to make the backgrounds for the project.

I do things differently than what a normal artist will do in this project. Also I have an array of programs to use to generate what you will see here.

First of all the list of applications I use.

AutoCAD 2012
AutoCAD Architecture 2012
Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012
Global Mapping 13.0 (for terrain creation)
3D Studio MAX 2012
Google Sketchup 8 Pro w/ Twilight Render 1.45
Adobe Photoshop CS5 (soon to be CS6)

I am sure you are asking what the heck are so many programs needed. First off I am not as talented like my artist counterparts with freehand. And secondly, I am good at designing things with my engineering background. So long story short, I designed the whole campus with these programs and generate the shots needed for the project.

First step: AutoCAD.

Lines, lines, everywhere! I need a foundation and AutoCAD is perfect to setup la…