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Happy Halloween!

Here's hoping that everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday this year. We have a few treats for you, but no tricks, on this spookiest of evenings. For one thing, Kosherbacon, Gloom, and Hamadyne all worked to put together a couple short stories to get into the spirit of things. Hama's "Halloween Costumes"  story is a much more cheerful piece that you might need after reading the others. Kosher's "St. Dymphna's Mystery Club"  is dark and suspenseful, but at least it won't leave you hanging. Finally, Gloom's latest work, "The Little Death,"  is more on the intimate, emotional side of things. Please feel free to leave some feedback either on the stories' respective threads, or of course come discuss everything on the forums. And of course, it's not a Missing Stars blog post without some art, so we hope you enjoy this year's holiday pieces as much as we do. thank mr sendo and morth