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Character Preview #6: The Holm Twins

Art by sho-N-D Natasha (Left) and Natalya (Right) Holm Tadaaaa! I'm blackjack and I'm more than pleased to present not one but two lovely ladies for this week's character reveal! Ehhhh long post is long. The twins were born in the early hours of Christmas Day in Moscow, under their mother's surname. They'll listen to "whatever" and don't seem to care much for television - largely due to the fact that (with the exception of the news) the only television show the pair have watched from start to finish is Spokoynoy nochi, malyshi . Natalya and Natasha's favourite characters from the show are Stepashka and Khrusha respectively.  Natalya Holm
 (Наталья Холм) Eyes:  Heterochromatic (right eye blue, left eye green) 
Hair: Platinum blond, faded red ends
 Height: 168cm
 Weight: 52kg
 Blood Type: AB Natalya is older than her sister as well as the taller sibling. When the twins first arrived at St Dymphna’s, Natalya had long red hair... B

New Name! :D

Hello everyone, tonight we'd like to announce that we are officially changing the name of our visual novel from Mentaru Shoujo to Missing Stars. We're in the process of changing the IRC links to the proper ones, so you should update yours, too. The new IRC channel will be under the new name: #MissingStars Have a nice week, TheDaftStudent. -art by Naso

Character Preview #5 - Katja Böhm

Art by Naso4 Ahoy~! I'm Merri, the Somnova team's resident yandere. Just kidding~. Anyway, we're finally here at week 5 of character releases, and I'm very happy to introduce Katja to you! Merri: Path writer ImperialStandard: Character creator Nationality: Austrian Birthday: June 25 (Cancer) Blood type: O Height: 172cm Weight: 60kg Hair: Strawberry blonde Eyes: Brown A gentle, sophisticated girl, Katja is the lead soprano of St. Dymphna's Girls' Choir. Outside of her school activities, she enjoys spending most of her time alone with her thoughts, and can often be found relaxing in the garden near the chapel. While her reserved nature might make her difficult to approach, the passion she pours into her singing is Katja's most charming quality.

Character Preview #4 - Annaliese Koell

Animation by Myuto G'day, I'm Worthington, and most of you that frequent the forums or IRC are probably pretty familiar with me. Allow me this moment to insufferably wax poetic about the girl whose route I shall be authoring, Annaliese Koell. Anna is a native of Vienna, and has never left the city. She's very aloof and independent, and often goes unnoticed in her ridiculous several-sizes-too-large clothes. She is intelligent, but a terrible student, because rather then working in class she prefers to spend it shoegazing (and yes, she listens to shoegaze while she shoegazes) whilst listening to music on her ridiculously expensive hi-fi MP3 player and Beyerdynamic T1's. Her favourite musical genres are the blues, and bebop, but she listens to most musical genres and has a rather eclectic musical taste; she is also a talented guitarist and pianist.  When not listening to her seemingly infinite repositories of music or playing a tune, Anna is likely gazing i

Character Preview #3: Lena Forst

Image by Mikeinel Hi, my name is kosherbacon, and this is my character. -------- Lena Forst Nationality: German Birthday: April 30th (Taurus) Blood type: AB+ Height: 175cm Weight: 65kg Hair colour: Dirty blonde. Eye colour: Greenish hazel. Lena is meticulously analytical, eager, and tactless almost to a fault. Naturally, she's the star reporter of the school newspaper. She enjoys long walks in the woods, hardcore rap music, mango Fanta, and red meat. Her favourite films are Ravenous, Delicatessen, Alive, Violent Shit, and Twilight. She's on Team Jacob by the way. Discuss this post on the forums.