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Character Preview #6: The Holm Twins

Art by sho-N-D
Natasha (Left) and Natalya (Right) Holm
Tadaaaa! I'm blackjack and I'm more than pleased to present not one but two lovely ladies for this week's character reveal! Ehhhh long post is long.

The twins were born in the early hours of Christmas Day in Moscow, under their mother's surname. They'll listen to "whatever" and don't seem to care much for television - largely due to the fact that (with the exception of the news) the only television show the pair have watched from start to finish is Spokoynoy nochi, malyshi. Natalya and Natasha's favourite characters from the show are Stepashka and Khrusha respectively. 

Natalya Holm
 (Наталья Холм)
Eyes:  Heterochromatic (right eye blue, left eye green)

Hair: Platinum blond, faded red ends

Height: 168cm

Weight: 52kg

Blood Type: AB

Natalya is older than her sister as well as the taller sibling. When the twins first arrived at St Dymphna’s, Natalya had long red hair... But the re-growth process was too frustrating and so she recently took a pair of scissors to it. Natalya is an incredibly keen Home Economics student. Her specialty is double choc muffins, which also happens to be one of Natasha’s favourite snacks. Outside of the classroom, Natalya can be found reading up on recipes either in the library or her dorm room - or wherever her sister is.

Natasha Holm (Ната́ша Холм)

Eyes: Green

Hair: Platinum blond

Height 160cm

Weight: 48kg

Blood Type: B

Natasha is shorter than her sister. She excels in Languages and Geography and consequently puts a lot of effort into these classes.  The same cannot be said for her attitude towards domestic chores, however, as her mess is often left for Natalya to clean up.  With a harsh exterior, Natasha has an opinion of just about everybody on campus.  That being said, she also has a fear of the dark and often sleeps with the light on. Natalya likes her vodka - but, then, she also occasionally likes her beer and her scotch and her tequila and her brandy.