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Check out the New Guys

We recently recruited quite a few new people to the Somnova Studios gang, and we figured it was time you got to know them. First off, a new writer. raithfyre is here to take over the writing for Isolda. I personally thought we didn't need another writer, but Hamadyne ran away screaming when we asked him if he would take over writing for both Jeanne and Isolda. Apparently, this writing thing is harder than it looks; good thing raithfyre makes it look so easy. We also recruited three new artists: U-1224 , raichuuuu , and Reaven . Normally, I'd tell you what character they are each working on, but we recently switched to the new and improved Somnova Studios Art Workflow 2.0™, so each artist is no longer working on a single character in their entirety. It makes for less exciting blog posts, but it does help everything look more consistent, so I'd say that's a long term win right there. We're working hard as always, and we can't wait to share with you what we