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Statistically Speaking

There's been a lot of requests for some more concrete details on the progress of Missing Stars. If you're hoping to see fewer words and more numbers on here, today is your lucky day. Here's a list of "interesting" statistics compiled from our Dropbox and IRC chat logs: Boxes in our Act 1 flowchart: 432 Total word count (so far) for Act 1: 127,591 Percentage of Act 1 word count that belongs to Gloom: 37.31% (Ed. note: We do not endorse this) Named characters in Act 1: 24 Pieces of concept art: 350 Current runtime of music: 1 hour, 37 minutes, 7 seconds Average runtime for each piece: 2 minutes, 21 seconds Times keviniskool's music has been compared to the Zelda series: 5 "Reference photos" uploaded by kosherbacon from his porn collection: 1144 "Reference photos" that were requested by the team: 0 Chicks with dicks: 1(?) Release date for the Act 1 de Well, would you look at that, we are out of time. We hope these numbers will c