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Happy New Year!

Art by Cocander We here at Somnova Studios wish all of you a happy 2013! ...And that's it, pretty much. Hope the hangovers aren't too bad. Discuss this post on the forums.

Es Wird Scho Glei Dumpa

Art By Troyd Sick of Santa Girls & Fanservicey things? Here's something local & traditional instead!   Es wird scho glei dumpa, Es wird scho glei Nacht Drum kimm I zu dir her Mei Heiland auf d' Wacht Wo I singa a Liad'l Dem Kinderl dem Kloan Du mogst ja net schlafa I hör' di nur woan Hei Hei, Hei Hei! Schlaf siass herzliabs Kind Du brauchst doch net woana Kumm sei wieder froh Du hosd zwoar koa Deck'n Nur Heu und nur Stroh Doch d' Engerl die schmück'n Dei Liag'statt scho aus Kann schöner net sei in an König sei Haus Hei Hei, Hei Hei! Schlaf siass herzliabs Kind Ja Kinderl du bist hoit Im Kripperl so schee Am liabst'n dat I nimmer weg von dir geh I wünsch' dir vom Herz'n die siasseste Ruah Die Engerl vom Himmi die deckan di zua Hei Hei, Hei Hei! Schlaf siass herzliabs Kind We of the Somnova Studios wishes you a very Merry Christmas, wherever you are. May the Peace and Joy of Christmas be with you always all year long. PS: As a l

This Music Writing Thing Is Hard

Hey, this is keviniskool. I'm one of the new musicians on Missing Stars, and I mean that in more than one way. While I am new to the team, I'm also new to writing music in a formal, organized manner as part of a group effort. For me, this meant no more random genre changes, no more stealing from other bits of songs, and no more waiting around for ideas to happen while the rest of the project moves along. I haven't quite gotten all of these things down yet, but one song in particular has been quite the experience in rewriting and revising, as well as adjusting expectations along the way. One of the first songs I started working on after my acceptance was a little something called "Recollections". I originally intended it to be a theme for the title menu. This small intention already caused problems for me; I started work on another piece shortly after that I also intended to be the title theme, and both pieces sounded completely different. How was I supposed to r

1% Inspiration, 99% Convenient Self-Excuses

They say that one of the marks of an amateurish and unprofessional artist is that they only work when the mood strikes them – "when they have [the] inspiration for it". Fortunately for me, and for the majority of my esteemed colleagues here in the Somnova writing department (As I would like to believe, for the sake of my fragile artistic ego), we don't even pretend to be professional, so at least you can't blame that on us. At the risk of tearing down whatever reputation I might have painstakingly managed to establish somewhere out there as a writer, the truth is that I'm not exactly bursting at the seams with brilliant ideas. To extend the metaphor, you could say that most of the time I'm practically deflated and have to be moved around via spatula. While, as above, a professional writer should ideally be able to spend at least several hours a day writing regardless of whether they have a good idea or not (most guides would recommend "wr