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We Want You to Work for Somnova Studios

That's right!  We're looking for new members for our team, specifically in our sound department. We're down to 1 sound personnel, which is less than ideal for them and for us. We're looking for people to help out with composing and arranging the soundtrack and background music. If you have experience in any of the aforementioned categories, contact us if you're interested! Requirements: -> We are working with logic Pro, so if you have some experience with that, it'd be a great plus. However, it's not a requirement. -> Missing Stars is a longtime project, so please only apply is you intend to stick around for the long run and put time and effort into it. Keep in mind that the job of a composer goes beyond simply composing - there's leitmotifs to plan, routes to read and understand, meetings to attend! ->We will want to see some of your previous work, so please make sure you have something to show us when applying. We don't ask for a pr