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Happy Easter 2013!

Happy Easter folks! Hope you manage to grab more eggs than your basket can carry! Art by Aiwa Just a little production update along with our Easter Greetings; - Our writing had been restructured to fix storyline intertwining, continuity problems and character events - the greatest problem among these is to ensure the transition between one writer's scene to another to be merging in a smooth way - Music materials are pouring in - our particular challenge is a proper execution of leitmotifs to fit their intended momentum - Art organization and breakthrough had been achieved - we are aiming higher for the visual experience in this VN and there are new standardizations. Expect more art-related news in future! That's all for now - I suspect that we will have subsequent update blogs from our respective departments soon enough. Stay tuned! - Imperial Discuss this in forums

How To Be Hated on the Internet in Five Easy Steps

1. Announce you're creating an obviously derivative project that follows in the footsteps of a beloved earlier work to which you will never live up. 2. Tackle a delicate subject that most people are uncomfortable with. 3. Accept a couple people onto your team who occasionally post on reddit so you will forever be labeled a reddit project (which is a bad thing I guess?). 4. Release previews in which you mostly drop the names of more successful and popular works (to increase your nerd cred!) instead of saying anything of substance about your own. 5. Profit! It's no secret that Missing Stars has a bit of a bad reputation in some circles. We would be the first to admit that we've made mistakes, of course, and that maybe some of that reputation was well-earned. Recently, though, the hate aimed at us seems to be dying down somewhat or, at least, balancing out with the more positive impressions. We're probably loved and hated in about equal measure these d