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Seeking Medical Advisors

It's my favorite time: recruitment time! Currently, we're on the search for a medical advisor or two - a team member whose role we affectionately call "medbros." As a medbro, you'd serve as a second pair of eyes, reading over some crucial scenes in Missing Stars and checking them for medical accuracy, as far as symptoms and expression go. It's very much an editor position, just with a specialization. If you do choose to apply, please understand that we will expect some actual credentials in the field of mental illness. While you don't have to be a PhD or leading researcher, you do need to be more than an armchair psychologist. I don't have any strict criteria for what counts as "valid" credentials, but basically if you can prove that you know what you're talking about, then you probably count. Interested? Great! Please create a thread on the Developer Recruitment section of our forum s,  or shoot me a PM. We look forward to hearing fr

Mibbit Stars Now Missing

Hey folks, just wanted to make an announcement that we have once again changed locations for our IRC channel. Instead of the Mibbit network, we're now located at #MissingStars on the Rizon network. Come say hello! The link on the Somnova webpage has been updated for webchat , or of course you can use your favorite client. Be advised, I've been told that the webchat from Rizon itself can be a little spotty. If you have any questions or need tech support, we'll do our best to help out on the forums . Additionally, just for fun, please enjoy Yune's latest piece.

Update Time

First off, scriptwriting. As mentioned before, the first draft of Act I is complete. We're excited to be welcoming an-tan back to the team. Originally Isolda's creator and writer, she'll be rejoining Somnova as an editor. She, as well as Tjeffy and Alabaster, form the bulk of our editing crew. All of us will be doing at least some general skimming and quality checking, but the brunt of the work falls to those three. We're also totally rewriting a few scenes that are a bit outdated, or just not considered strong enough. Things have also been progressing nicely on the artistic front. Sometime soon, I'll look into getting a couple detailed process posts, working in collaboration with the artists themselves. For now though, we're making consistent progress, and seem to be on track to have all of our demo assets done this year. Don't quote me on that, though. I'm also glad to announce that our art team continues to grow. First off, an artist by the name of Se