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Trigger Warning: Release Date

We've been pretty quiet since Christmas. It's not really a bad thing - there just hasn't been much to say. Editors gon' edit, and all that. Sprite production is going along pretty well, which is something that I haven't been able to say with confidence for too long. So, the question that oughta be on everyone's mind is: how much longer? Or in the eternal words of some our IRC regulars: "Demo when?" December. We've been hoping for December release dates for a couple years now, and a couple Decembers have since passed by. I'm pretty sure Taylor Swift even wrote a song about it. Things are going to be a bit different this time around, though, because we're going to be emphasizing the "dead" in "deadline." If by the start of 2016, the demo content isn't at least 90% done, we're going to just call it quits. Because at that point, we won't really be able to make excuses any longer, or pretend that we're g