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Trigger Warning: Release Date

We've been pretty quiet since Christmas. It's not really a bad thing - there just hasn't been much to say. Editors gon' edit, and all that. Sprite production is going along pretty well, which is something that I haven't been able to say with confidence for too long.

So, the question that oughta be on everyone's mind is: how much longer? Or in the eternal words of some our IRC regulars: "Demo when?"

December. We've been hoping for December release dates for a couple years now, and a couple Decembers have since passed by. I'm pretty sure Taylor Swift even wrote a song about it. Things are going to be a bit different this time around, though, because we're going to be emphasizing the "dead" in "deadline."

If by the start of 2016, the demo content isn't at least 90% done, we're going to just call it quits. Because at that point, we won't really be able to make excuses any longer, or pretend that we're gonna get it together soon after, or whatever. If after 4 years we're not able to produce a demo, then it just ain't gonna happen.

This is something that we actually talked about and loosely decided upon a long time ago. We've had a few other internal deadlines where it's like, "if X percent of editing isn't completed by this date, then it's over" and thus far we've achieved all those. And it's not even as if we're in dire straits right now. Things look the most promising they ever have.

Mostly, we're just publicly announcing this to keep us accountable. Since it's out in the open now, we can't really hide from it or pretend it wasn't something that we meant. Basically, it's demo or die now, and I'm really hoping for the former. Here's to not letting everyone down.

We'll see you guys on Valentine's Day.