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The (Surprising) Comorbitity of ADHD and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

For years, it was believed that there was a hard line between Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) within the field of psychology; if you had one you could not be diagnosed with the other. Recent evidence, however, has revealed the opposite. According to a 2017 study found in Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry , over half of people with ADHD have some comorbidity with one or more psychiatric issues [1]. Solid numbers remain elusive, but experts can extrapolate that the two are not as segregated as they were once believed.  So what are these disorders, and how are they both different to each other? How are they similar to each other? ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder commonly found in children that can continue into adulthood. This disorder affects many areas of the brain including (but not limited to) executive functions in the brain, impulse control, and attention span. ADHD is typically diagnosed when a child is in kindergarten or preschoo

"Soon Shall St. Dymphna Come" (Wellerman parody)

Hello everyone, and happy International Voice Day to everyone!  International Voice Day, while not being one of the better-known holidays, is an international day celebrating the human voice and the impact it has on our lives - and raises awareness of how it impacts those who lose it. There are, obviously, physiological problems that can cause loss of voice, but also neurological and psychological ones - and losing the main way we communicate is never an easy burden. To celebrate our voices and the importance in our lives, we decided to gather our voices and record something special for you - you might recognise the original from recent music culture. So, go forth, check out , spread awareness and maybe give Annaliese's route another shot to celebrate IVD! Click here to listen to our Wellerman Parody! A personal note from Astartus: Hey, everyone! I just wanted to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the support you've given

Missing Stars Update 2: Electric Boogaloo

GOTCHA! Well, sort of...That last part about Steam from our April Fools blogpost is actually true!  We've mentioned a few times that we've been working hard at improving the code behind our little visual novel, and this was one of the reasons why we wanted to do it. We want to present a polished title not only to another platform, but to you guys, our avid fans. Act One has been a tremendous success for us and because of that, we feel that we have to show off the best possible version of our story.  Don't worry, this version will also be free, as well as the eventual full release of Missing Stars.  The Steam version of Missing Stars: Act One will have a lot of new features, including:  More backgrounds! More CGs! Achievements! Accessibility Options!   ???????   ...Yes, we're excited about the last one. We're so excited that we can't tell you guys what it is just yet!  (But to give you a hint... no, it's not Katawa Shoujo -crossover content.)  We're no

Missing Stars Update (April 2021)

Over the many, MANY years that Missing Stars has been in development, fans have asked us about whether we would add some (or any) DLC routes to the game when completed. While we've publicly said no to these requests, we have a confession to make: We haven't been entirely honest with you wonderful fans...  ...because in reality, we've already have some DLC content planned just for the fans who have waited years for the game to finally be complete!  You might be familiar with these two characters we've decided to include...  That's right, it's Emi Ibarazaki and Hanako Ikezawa from Katawa Shoujo! Katawa Shoujo continues to be a huge pull for many a visual novel connoisseur, and we've decided to capitalize on that with our new DLC. We're developing two original stories that will feel quite familiar to Katawa Shoujo fans, but are distinct enough to stand on their own in the world of Missing Stars. Here's a quick gameplay demo of the new DLC! In addi