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Missing Stars Update (April 2021)

Over the many, MANY years that Missing Stars has been in development, fans have asked us about whether we would add some (or any) DLC routes to the game when completed. While we've publicly said no to these requests, we have a confession to make: We haven't been entirely honest with you wonderful fans... 

...because in reality, we've already have some DLC content planned just for the fans who have waited years for the game to finally be complete! 

You might be familiar with these two characters we've decided to include... 

That's right, it's Emi Ibarazaki and Hanako Ikezawa from Katawa Shoujo!

Katawa Shoujo continues to be a huge pull for many a visual novel connoisseur, and we've decided to capitalize on that with our new DLC. We're developing two original stories that will feel quite familiar to Katawa Shoujo fans, but are distinct enough to stand on their own in the world of Missing Stars.
Here's a quick gameplay demo of the new DLC!

In addition to that, we've been investigation other platforms to put Missing Stars on, and we believe we have finally picked the perfect one. 

Drumroll please... 

We've decided to release Missing Stars on Steam! 

We'll be adding achievements, some extra goodies, and tons of features that we can't tell you about (but are excited nonetheless.) 

You guys can look forward to the Emi and Hanako DLC routes after the full release of Missing Stars...coming soon to Steam!