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What Could Have Been

Hey everyone! Hamadyne here, with some fun and exciting Missing Stars history for you.Some of you might already know this, but our current cast wasn't set in stone from the get-go. At one point, we had upwards of thirty character concepts to choose from, which made selecting them pretty tough. We had a lot of fun ideas but it all came down to a vote. Today, I'll go over some of the more popular characters that didn't make the cut!First up is one of my favorites, Agatha Schulz-Rhine.

Early on, we had a lot of fun discussions about Phineas Gage and his radical personality change, and very nearly decided to explore that idea with Agatha. Once an extremely rebellious teenager, Agatha's life was changed forever after a piece of metal impaled her skull. Her personality took a complete one-eighty, becoming a prim and polite young lady. Her route would have explored her previous life and how so radical a change affected her relationship with her friends and family.We liked her …