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Happy Valentine's Day!

We're flattered that you could pull yourselves away from the 50 Shades premiere to be with us here today. After all, nobody loves us like you do. Because we believe that relationships should be equal part give and take, we've got a couple gifts, coming from Honitsu and Sendo respectively. Natasha by Honitsu Isolda by Sendo There's also a bit of good news to share today. Our art roster has once again grown: we've a new background artist named Zion joining up with us. This doubles our number of background artists by bringing us up to two. I'll post some samples of his work once there's more of that. Here's hoping that you have a lovely holiday, whether you're spending it alone or with your significant other (2D or 3D - we won't judge). If you'd like though, come chat with us on the forums . See you 'round!