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Important Announcement! Come One, Come All!

Since its very inception, it has been the sworn mission of Somnova Studios to give VN readers from all over the world gaming experiences that are wholesome, genuine, and heartfelt... even if said experiences take nearly a decade in the making. As such, we are always eager to tap into new platforms and outlets that will allow us to tell you our stories -- to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you see the world in a fresh new way. And what better way to do that than the colorful world of M O B I L E  G A M I N G?  Literally anything else?  Mobile frigging gaming? Yes, you heard that right! From the studio that brought the world Arcadia and Surkea and will (probably) (perhaps) (maybe) (perchance) (peradventure) give you Missing Stars in the future, comes a new mobile game that will wring your heart and tear ducts dry as well as your wallet! Pictured: 5* SSR Isolda Alter (Drop Rate Up right now!). We would have given Jeanne an alter form, but we didn't want

Understanding The Impact Of Mental Health

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well. As promised, we're updating more frequently with small discussions in between Missing Stars updates. This month, we're covering aspects of public perception of mental health, why it can be so hard for people to understand, and what we can do to raise awareness. So, what is the general perception of mental health as a whole? While it is much better in recent years, there is still a negative stigma attached to mental health. There is a lot of skewed perception with disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar disorder etc, and the majority of people have a hard time understanding that something can affect your brain in many different ways. For example, people with ADHD are labeled as lazy, stupid, and unmotivated when in reality, it's a mental disorder that results in disorganization, poor time management skills, excessive restlessness, impatience and in a lot of cases, poor emotional control and low self-esteem

Missing Stars March Update

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well. We finally have an update for the Progress of Missing Stars! That's right folks, we wanted to let you know how we're doing with Act 1 to keep you in the loop on what's going on behind the scenes. So as we've mentioned back in our Christmas update, we've started using scrums in order to break Act 1 into smaller parts to complete, and it has been an incredible boost to our progress so far. We recently completed a scrum for the month of February and have managed to get a few scenes implemented into the game and are working hard to make even more progress for March. As a treat for you wonderful fans, here is a sneak peek of a scene with Isolda! Moving forward, we'd like to make a progress update at least once a month in order to keep you in the loop on how we're progressing with Missing Stars. In between updates, we're looking to post some developer interviews, more behind the scenes stuff, and even have