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Natalya and Sofiya Sprites Revealed!

Hey there! It's Kuroe here once again! Today, we've got not just one, but two cute girls to show you: say hello to our resident Russians, Natalya and Sofiya ! Sugar! Spice! Last year, shortly before I joined the Somnova team, the Twins route was in a rather precarious state. They didn't really have fully fleshed-out personalities yet nor a definite character arc--no one was even quite sure what their disorders were going to be, in fact. The gimmick of having the "Twins route" split into individual "Natalya" and "Natasha" routes later down the story also proved problematic for the team, and it was apparently a colossal bitch to have it make sense story-wise and programming-wise, not to mention the fact that it would take until the heat death of the universe for the route writer to cook up two whole routes by themselves. After much debate on the dev channels, the fate of the girls eventually became a choice between scrapping them o