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Somnova Studios: April 2024 Update

We rendered the beard with extra care, for all you Bosworth fans out there.   Hey there! We have another update for you.This one's a bit more fun. After some internal discussion, we have decided to release each of the individual routes separately. That means when Jeanne's Act 2 scenes are finished, we will release that portion of Act 2!  This way, you guys can get to enjoy the routes as they are completed. Meanwhile, this frees up our artists, musicians, and programmers to work on the other routes that aren't ready yet. Finally, we have an incoming update with some typo and grammar fixes (a BIG thank you to Discord user Simpleflan for reporting those to us!). We also have new CGs lovingly crafted by our art team that we're excited to show off, too! We will inform everyone when this update will drop, so stay tuned! -Hamadyne Twitter Facebook Official Somnova Discord

Missing Stars Updates and Route Cancellation

Hey folks! We've got some important updates coming to Missing Stars , including some general typo/grammar fixes and adding new art assets. Please look forward to those changes coming soon. Secondly, I'd like to talk about another route cancellation. While it's unfortunate, the planned Irene route we've talked about amongst us developers has to be cancelled. We originally talked about adding her in as a "bonus" route for the Steam version, but we have run into issues and have thus had to cancel our plans for the route. But, we don't want to leave you assuming we're making this up. We do have an asset we can share with you! The Live2D implementation of this CG did not work as planned, unfortunately. We're sad that we're not able to incorporate the Irene route as originally intended, but we're still working hard on Act Two -- expect more updates on that soon! Thanks for all of your continued support, we really appreciate it.