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Entering the Paladin Initiative!

Hello everyone! I hope you're keeping cool in this sweltering heat.

As some of you might know, we're already affiliated with a few other studios as a means to build a community of EVN developers and their fans.

Wolf, one of our developers and a director at his own studio, Watercress, has been developing a more formal version of what we've started to establish online.

Today, I am pleased to announce that we are official partners of the Paladin Initiative! Below is some art of their mascot (art by KeiryuuSeo) and an awesome wax seal as their logo.

This group of fellow EVN developers aims to foster better ethical practices within the industry, including:
Hiring/Commissioning artists, writers, musicians, and programmersSharing resources between affiliated studiosStandardized marketing materials and contracts What does this mean for Missing Stars?
First off, we'll have access to a wider group of active EVN developers which can help out with polishing our final product. This…