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Somnova Studios: September 2021 Update

Hello again, it's another Missing Stars update! This month's update will once again be rather short, but we do have a great update for this month: all of Act One's scenes have been converted over to our new code base that Adam W, our lead writer, talks about here .  At the same time, we are continuing to update and add any missing CGs, sprites, as well as revamp our UI so that Missing Stars looks even prettier for the Steam release. Here's a recent work in progress, featuring Erik and Annaliese! The full image is way too cute for this blog post, so you'll have to wait. We also decided to make a "sprite" of Erik proper, as we realized that we actually didn't have a reference that wasn't in a CG or early concept art. This piece probably won't show up in-game, but in the case that you all need a reference for fanart, storytelling, or something else entirely, here's an official image of our protagonist! Special thanks to Likhos for making this