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Shiny New Things

Some of you more astute followers may have noticed a slight change on our forums. It took many a night chanting over forbidden text, maidens sacrificed, and making shady pacts with dark forces. But, we finally decided on a new design for our group's logo! Many thanks to keviniskool for whipping this baby up and slathering it over our unworthy eyes. Discuss this blog post on the forums.

F__k it! We'll do it live!

Missing Stars is a visual novel. Since visual novels were pioneered in Japan, most VNs use manga-style artwork. But Missing Stars isn't most visual novels. Keen readers and frequenters to the forums might have noticed a decline in releases of concept art. That is because the artistic direction of the project has shifted. Missing Stars will now be using digital photographs for character sprites. The user interface and promotional materials will still feature drawn artwork, whenever necessary. Given the game's setting and our aspirations for the broadest audience possible, this is a logical choice. After all, most if not all of our backgrounds were intended to be filtered photographs and photorealistic (w)renderings. However, this does present us with production related challenges. Our strive for visual realism has upped our demand for on-location photographs since rendered images will just have to be that much better(and time-consuming) to keep up. Fortunately, our staf