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Discover the Missing Stars Soundtrack Pt. 2

Had enough fun with the last piece yet? Here's another piece that is much slower and has more of a choral focus. "That Which Shall Not Be Named" is a piece centered around Katja and her singing aspirations within St. Dymphna. I felt that a liturgical piece of this nature would fit well in the context of both singing in a choir and finding redemption for one's own actions. I hope you have as much fun playing this as I did writing it. As always, this is a work in progress and is likely to be changed at any moment. In fact, it changed once already during the production of this blog post. PDF: ... 0Named.pdf MIDI: ... 0Named.mid -keviniskool We have forums for discussing things. If you have thoughts about this, you should head on down there.

Discover the Missing Stars Soundtrack Pt. 1

Any other Visual Novel blog would just let you hear what we've been working on, but what if we spiced things up and let you come up with your own interpretation? "The Past Comes to Light/Seelensplittersonate", or as I have been referring to it in shorthand, "The Past Comes to Seelensplittersonate", is a medley of two themes that play at the very beginning of Erik's journey. While they are separate at the beginning, they come together in a way that imparts momentum into both pieces, eventually converging into the same melody at the end. We hope you will enjoy the small taste we have provided here. While this is only a piano arrangement, expect to see more fully fleshed out songs in the final product. This song (and those to follow) are all works in progress, and you can expect them to change before final release. In fact, the last piece we posted has already changed a fair bit from the last time we talked about it, in more ways than one. PDF: https://d