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Moving Forward

Hello everyone! It's been a week since our little demo released, and we've gotten a lot of people talking to us about how much they liked Missing Stars! It's seriously great that people have enjoyed our project so far. That being said, we've also received some incredible feedback about our project. Stuff that has made us really think and re-consider how we want to move forward regarding Act 1. We really want to work on making Missing Stars a meaningful experience for everyone. So, we'd like to do the following: Work on finishing the entirety of Act 1: We really want to make sure Act 1 is written consistently by using the feedback we've received recently. So to do this job properly, we won't be releasing an amended demo like we discussed in the previous blog post. We intend for our next release to be the full Act 1.  We will, however, do our best to keep everyone posted on our progress this year! Polish our game executable to clear up known bugs: R

Answering Some Questions

Hello again, everyone! Thanks again for checking out our demo! It means the world to us. Now, I'm sure most of you have a few questions for us, so I'll do my best to answer them here. Why did this take so long to come out? This is probably the biggest question we've had an answer for. To keep things brief, I'll list the three biggest things that impeded our progress. Team Structure - we're a team of volunteers, so none of us were in it for money or "exposure". Most of us frequently work on this project in our (sometimes limited) free time, so progress was fairly slow until about 2016. This is mainly because of item #2... Lots of Reboots - We've lost writers and artists in the past, forcing us to get new writers and thus, a new story for our characters. New artists had to be trained on our art style, which took additional time. However, in 2017, we were able to get a dedicated group of people who could help us and improve our pace. We consi

Missing Stars: Demo Released!

Hey everyone, Thanks so much for waiting for us. The Missing Stars Demo is now public.  We took the time to iron out some bugs and polish things this month, and we're finally happy to release something for you. A very special thanks to our beta testers who were able to give us some incredible feedback! You can download the demo on our website, which is now open to the public! Once you begin the installer, you may have to approve it through your computer's security settings. Don't worry - there's just some cute girls in there. No viruses. Thanks again for your patience, and we hope to share more with you soon!

A Short Delay

Hello everyone! Just letting you know that there's been a short delay regarding our demo release. We unexpectedly found a game breaking bug in our latest build, so we're going to take the time and fix it up. We're really sorry about this, and we appreciate your patience on this matter.