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Answering Some Questions

Hello again, everyone!

Thanks again for checking out our demo! It means the world to us.

Now, I'm sure most of you have a few questions for us, so I'll do my best to answer them here.

Why did this take so long to come out?
This is probably the biggest question we've had an answer for. To keep things brief, I'll list the three biggest things that impeded our progress.
  1. Team Structure - we're a team of volunteers, so none of us were in it for money or "exposure". Most of us frequently work on this project in our (sometimes limited) free time, so progress was fairly slow until about 2016. This is mainly because of item #2...
  2. Lots of Reboots - We've lost writers and artists in the past, forcing us to get new writers and thus, a new story for our characters. New artists had to be trained on our art style, which took additional time. However, in 2017, we were able to get a dedicated group of people who could help us and improve our pace. We consider the era from 2017 to now as the beginning of our main development period, and the time before (from 2012 to late 2016) our planning and pre-production period.
  3. Quality - We don't mean to brag, but we believe that our overall product is the result of polishing our content to the best of our abilities. This, of course, takes time and effort. We actually changed several characters and plot points around in order to make the setting more realistic.
Why is this demo so short?
Because of the items listed above, we wanted to ensure we could release a quality demo for the public. However, our pace meant that we couldn't churn out a huge chunk of the story until the CGs, scripts, and any extra sprites we needed were done. To amend this, we agreed to release a short demo by this time and work on the rest in the meantime. We plan on adding to this demo to include any excluded characters, and update accordingly for content and bugfixes. Don't worry, we have the rest of the writing for Act 1 about 85% finished at this point. Now it's all about the scripting, blocking, remaining sprites, and CGs, so our rate of production will be much faster!

When do you think you'll be done with Act 1/the rest of the game?
Honestly? We don't know. What we do know is that we can do things a lot faster now than in previous years, so I'm confident that we can get out more content to you much, much sooner. All we ask from you guys is your continued patience and support. We're always looking for more team members (especially artists and programmers as of this posting) as well, so if you want to help, feel free to apply on our Discord channel!