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Hamadyne, the Jeanne Scene Machine

. . . Has completed his designated task of Jeanne's demo scenes! Act 1, Scene 88 came rolling into Dropbox a few days ago. What does this mean? Well, it means that rough drafts of every single demo scene have now been completed! Next comes hours of heartbreak, torment and indecision for Jeffy, Alabaster, and the newly returned An-tan. Together, the three of them form Captain Planet  our editing team. Expect a more detailed blog post on overall progress soon. In the meantime, please enjoy our newest piece of promotional art. This is a guest piece done by a friend of mine, the very talented Kiwi, of Edition Development Team and Scriptforge. Come talk about Jeanne's butt with us on the forums (or just discuss this post).

Lena's Demo Scenes are Drafted!

In the midst of all the goofing off and spreading of disinformation on the IRC channel, I've managed to get Lena's act 1 scenes drafted. I am relieved to have survived this far, and glad that I didn't carry through with anything drastic like giving Lena long hair and changing her name. Now begins the fun, action-packed adventure of editing, rewriting, and preparing for the rest of her story. A strange journey has brought us here, and an even stranger journey awaits.  -kosherbacon image by Myuto Click here to discuss this post on the forums.

Katja Demo Scenes Completed!

Usually I try to have a more clever title, but I'm at a loss for this one. Anyway, defeating all naysayers, Gloom has recently turned in his final scene for Katja's Act I. In terms of word count, Gloom has surpassed all of us, so you fans of his writing and character are in for a real treat. Please enjoy the accompanied image, drawn by Chisana and colored by Morthiasik, and join us in congratulating Gloom on the forums.

Happy Mother's Day! (Again)

We here at Somnova would like to wish a happy Mother's Day to all the excellent moms out there. And, just like many moms do, we believe in spoiling you guys, so here's a treat that you've been asking for for a while: a preview of some of the music of Missing Stars . These are actual songs that will (probably) make it into the soundtrack, though they'll definitely undergo some more tuning up (no pun intended) and tweaking before the final release. You can even download the songs, if you're so inclined, and listen to them whenever. Finally, please enjoy the accompanying album cover, featuring Annaliese, created by the always-amazing Chisana. As always, please feel free to discuss this post on our forums.