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Some Quality Reading

It's that time again - time for another update!

This time we have something a bit more substantial for you guys to take a peek at, and we're very excited to see what you think. Handled by the prolific Kuroe, we're proud to present Missing Stars: Overture!
Missing Stars: Overture is a collection of short stories featuring your favorite Missing Stars heroines. We decided it was high time to give everyone a preview of our writing and, as an added bonus, a preview of a new side character - Fran Dragovic!
Fran shows up in two of our short stories, and we figured we might as well give you guys a picture of what they look like in uniform.
Fran is one of my favorite characters in Missing Stars, and I hope they become one of yours!
You can download your own copy of Missing Stars: Overture on our website.
We hope you enjoy!

Introducing Her Grace, the Duchess