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How We Write Missing Stars

Hey folks. I'm Adam, Annaliese route writer on Missing Stars. I was formerly known as "Ultra_HR", but since my first (and last) blog post , I decided I didn't like that name any more. For the record, the "HR" stood for "horseradish", not "human resources". No, I'm not sure why that was my username for so long. I just use my real name now. Since then, I've also become the writing lead for Somnova Studios. I thought I'd share some of the things we've done since I took on that role to make working on Missing Stars as easy as possible for everybody (or, at least, not a total pain) and to make it a way better experience for readers. Managing a massive story as a large volunteer team Missing Stars is a pretty big visual novel, especially for a volunteer team. Act One alone has a word count of over 250,000 (251,848 at the time of writing, if you're interested). We don't have a projection yet for how long the full rele