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"Soon Shall St. Dymphna Come" (Wellerman parody)

Hello everyone, and happy International Voice Day to everyone! 

International Voice Day, while not being one of the better-known holidays, is an international day celebrating the human voice and the impact it has on our lives - and raises awareness of how it impacts those who lose it. There are, obviously, physiological problems that can cause loss of voice, but also neurological and psychological ones - and losing the main way we communicate is never an easy burden.
To celebrate our voices and the importance in our lives, we decided to gather our voices and record something special for you - you might recognise the original from recent music culture. So, go forth, check out, spread awareness and maybe give Annaliese's route another shot to celebrate IVD! Click here to listen to our Wellerman Parody! A personal note from Astartus: Hey, everyone! I just wanted to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the support you've given me in the last 6 months. As many of you might know, I have had a very severe illness and have been struggling hard to recover and get back to normalcy. This song here is the first creative media I have made since that time, and for me is a really important milestone in getting back, step by step, to my former self. I hope you all enjoy it, and take this as a sincere thank you to everyone who supported me, stuck with me through the darkest days and believed in me to pull through; and a deep, sincere thank you to my co-devs at Somnova who were always there for me and are the best people anyone could ever wish to work with. I love all of you guys, and let's continue. When all is said and done, we'll be stronger through our woes. :heart: