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Character Preview #4 - Annaliese Koell

Animation by Myuto

G'day, I'm Worthington, and most of you that frequent the forums or IRC are probably pretty familiar with me. Allow me this moment to insufferably wax poetic about the girl whose route I shall be authoring, Annaliese Koell.

Anna is a native of Vienna, and has never left the city. She's very aloof and independent, and often goes unnoticed in her ridiculous several-sizes-too-large clothes. She is intelligent, but a terrible student, because rather then working in class she prefers to spend it shoegazing (and yes, she listens to shoegaze while she shoegazes) whilst listening to music on her ridiculously expensive hi-fi MP3 player and Beyerdynamic T1's. Her favourite musical genres are the blues, and bebop, but she listens to most musical genres and has a rather eclectic musical taste; she is also a talented guitarist and pianist. 

When not listening to her seemingly infinite repositories of music or playing a tune, Anna is likely gazing into the depths of her computer, absorbing the newest piece of media to catch her attention. She is a huge otaku, with her favourite anime being Samurai Champloo, Welcome to the NHK, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. She also enjoys film, manga, western comics, video games (vis a vis her favourite game is Final Fantasy VI) and a few television shows, and has rather pretentious art-housey tastes. 

She likes French toast more than pancakes, and is ambidextrous.

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