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A Brief Update On Missing Stars

Hello everyone,

It's been almost eight years since our little group started up out of the Katawa Shoujo forums. While we've been through a lot of staff changes, Missing Stars has managed to garner interest from a variety of groups, from fans of Katawa Shoujo to fans of visual novels in general.

More recently, we've gained a sister studio in the form of Watercress, who have proved to be invaluable allies in terms of helping us with marketing and a lot of other optimizations for us.

Our other, smaller projects have also been well-received, with our initial release of Arcadia getting us a lot of positive feedback. We're excited to re-release it on Steam (thanks again to Watercress!) so please check it out there!

Missing Stars, of course, has always been our number one priority throughout the years. We've worked hard to make sure our stories about Erik and all of our lovely ladies are well-written, thoughtful, and meaningful for our readers.

Fans have asked us about when our visual novel is finally releasing. While we've said "end of 2019" several times in the past as our "unofficial" release date, today's the day I would like to give a more official date for all of our eager fans.

Missing Stars: Act One will officially release on December 29th, 2019!

We're finally at the point where we're making final edits and working on the remaining assets we need for the game, such as...

(WIP) Jeanne's gala dress!

(WIP) Who's Jeanne looking for in this CG?

Just a quick disclaimer: what we'll be releasing for Act One isn't the final product. Obviously, there's quite a few more things we want to add, such as the remaining three acts for each of our girls. But, we also want to add more CGs and musical elements that would have taken a lot longer than we felt comfortable with if we wanted to release this year. You'll see more of them after we release Act One, so keep an eye out for the occasional update.

Don't worry, Act One alone already has a plethora of content planned. We'll be posting more updates as we get closer to release, featuring in-progress art assets, sprites, CGs, music, and the occasional screenshots of the game in action!

It's been an incredible journey so far with all of the writing, editing, programming, and long meetings every Saturday. I'm proud of our team and their hard work, passion, and enthusiasm towards Missing Stars as a whole, and I hope our fans are just as excited to start reading!

We hope you continue to support us and cheer us on as we come closer to the finish line!