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Happy Birthday, Jeanne!

Hello everyone, how you’re doing well. We just wanted to share a post to wish Jeanne Lefevre a happy birthday!! To accompany that, we wanted to share a short character info sheet about her and some cute photos of our favorite thicc girl.

We’ll be doing this on all of our character’s birthdays so please look forward to more fun facts about all of our characters!

Birthday: October 23 (Mole Day)
Favorite Food: Jeanne's a big fan of tomatoes, having greatly enjoyed some fresh ones in her youth. She developed a bit of a habit of evaluating the taste of food as she eats it, something she does when eating at a restaurant somewhere.
Hobbies: Jeanne loves reading about scientific discoveries in various blogs, websites, and journals. She especially likes reading about chemistry and physics, her two favorite classes. Outside of school, she enjoys leading St. Dymphna's Astronomy Club in looking at the stars, as well as doing small projects related to it, such as orbital mechanics, researching exoplanets, and more. Finally, when she's all done with her homework and club activities, Jeanne enjoys playing strategy and simulation games on her laptop.

Art by Piropi

Art by kimiyotosan