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Somnova Studios: March 2023 Update

Hey there! Hope you are all enjoying 2023 so far. 

Missing Stars has been in development for 11 years now, and we've had a lot of fun polishing it and making it a fantastic visual novel. We're now in the final stages of adding new CGs, music tracks, and making our new user interface.

Speaking of, here's a preview of the new textbox in our debug build! We decided to increase the opacity, add a drop shadow for the text, and make a swanky new name box. Not everything is in place just yet, but we're happy with the look so far.

Note: Erik is not, and will not be, any sort of machine or man-machine interface.

Now, on to more business things.

Our Steam release is coming soon, and there's an extra little update I'd like to go over:

Missing Stars will be released episodically!

We felt that trying to pile on the rest of our written content into "the rest of the game" involved a lot of extensive future planning, which would prove difficult given our studio's more casual nature. So, to help better focus our efforts, we have elected to split up our releases of future acts in order to give you, our loyal fans, quicker access to the rest of Missing Stars.

So, when we finish up content for Act Two, we'll release it right away as an update to the main game! This lets our writing, music, and art teams have easier goals to work towards, and we also hope this results in more people coming to enjoy our story.

What's more, thanks to Steam, we are more easily able to push content updates to people who download it through the platform.

As a disclaimer, Missing Stars will continually receive updates throughout our development cycle. This means that things like UI elements, menus, art, and in-game text might change as we go along. We'll be sure to keep everyone updated with regular updates here on our blog, Steam, and Twitter.

Lastly, I'd like to give a hearty thank you to all of our fans for supporting our work so far. I know updates have been pretty spaced out this last couple of months, but rest assured we are making steady progress behind the scenes. The team is very excited to bring this new version of Missing Stars over to Steam, and I sincerely hope that all of you will enjoy it.

- Hamadyne

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