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Jeanne Sprite Design Complete!

Woah, an actual Missing Stars update!

Jeanne's been through a lot. From her initial conception five years (really, that long?) ago to today, she's been through art style changes, four different artists, and, most recently, her final sprite direction guided by the lovely Eora, which, in comparison, took a lot less time than all the other stuff.

So here she is! This is the finalized design for Jeanne!

This sprite's master file is really big. No, that's not because of Jeanne.

Team-wise, we've added a few new faces. Duane and Lamalama are our newest musicians, and they've got a heck of a lot of talent. Discord deviant Likhos has joined as a colorist and is working hard already! Lastly, Fia has joined as a researcher/psychology consultant to ensure our characters are accurate in terms of their disorders.

We're happy to have them all aboard, and we all are making incredible strides to ensuring that the public will see Missing Stars by the end of this century. :p

Stay tuned!

- Hamadyne

PS: We're still looking for talented artists and musicians, so feel free to apply on Discord!