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A Call to Arms!

Hello everyone,

We've been making steady progress with Act One's scripting and editing, with exciting changes and cute characters!

With more and more scripts being completed, we've decided to open up positions for new musicians. We're looking for people who can produce music similar to the ones below:

In addition, we are also looking for something called a leitmotif. What's that, you ask? It's a unique musical piece that can be used to represent something relating to a path girl. Essentially we're looking for a riff or tune for each girl that encapsulates the theme of their route and characteristics. For example, Katja's may be elegant piano while Lena's may be fast guitar.

If you're a musician but don't have access to recording software, then feel free to submit rough ideas for our team of musicians to use to write a song. You'll be credited!

As always, we're also looking for talented sprite and CG artists, with the below styles in mind for production value and direction.
If you think you're up to snuff for either position, feel free to message us on the forums or on our discord server. Just ask for Morthiasik or me (Hamadyne), and we will take care of the rest!


Link to our Discord. Join us!