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And On the Third Year, Somnova Rose Again...

If you've spent any time in our IRC, or been following our blog, then you've probably seen a couple mentions of a few new artists that will be joining our team. Well, the wait is over, and I'm proud to introduce the new folks. Rather than include a bunch of links, we've instead decided to make things a bit easier: there's now an official Missing Stars art tumblr! From here on out, any promotional art that we post on the regular blog will also be posted on the Tumblr, so you can admire without having to deal with our wordiness here. In addition, we've kept up the application pieces from our new artists, so you can see a bit of their work and get acquainted with some of what you can expect. Please note that none of the application pieces contain Missing Stars characters or other MS-related material.

With these new additions, our art progress should be much smoother than it has been, and you can look forward to more frequent promo pieces and updates. And just for clarity's sake, you can view the entire art roster below:

Angry Evil - Lineart
Chisana - CG, BG, Coloring, Directing
Clivenart - Lineart
Cya - Lineart
Morthiasik - Lineart
MikeInel - FMV (Animation)
Myuto - CG
Naiyus - CG, Coloring
Nihomie - Lineart
Renko - BG
Shin - Lineart

To kick things off, here's some art courtesy of our now-veteran Chisana. Enjoy, and hoppy halidays! And as always, feel free to come talk about this post on our forums.