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An apology to the Missing Stars community

I owe an apology to the rest of the Missing Stars team and the community. I erroneously assumed that the team would go along with my new proposed direction for Missing Stars that we introduced yesterday if they saw all of the amazing community support I could drum up for it, but they said "it doesn't count because it was April Fool's Day." Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon begs to differ, but I digress. I suppose I can work on the clearly superior spinoff in my spare time.

In the time I was trying to give Missing Stars a bold, new direction, it turns out we got a lot of actual work done. In fact, no one even told me that we got a new artist who goes by the name Morthiasik, along with 12 other artist applications we are currently looking through. That's certainly a lot better than me plonking away in MS Paint trying to make sprites. Seriously, this new Isolda art has like, 2000 times as many pixels as my art:

The last one was transparent. You could see her naked and everything.

Speaking of Isolda, I have been told that her route for Act 1 has been completely drafted, which once again puts the rest of the team to shame as we realize that raithfyre was the last writer to join our team, and yet one of the first to finish.

Sorry for the disappointment in making what is clearly the better version of Missing Stars, but we hope you'll enjoy the progress on the project.

If you want to discuss our progress, you can check out the thread on our forum.