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Something or Other

It's been about a month since our last character release (excluding Parrot-tan). As you may have noticed, the blog has been rather empty since then.

Truth be told, it may be like that for a while. See, general development updates are rather boring (They usually amount to, scenes written today, art assets made today, programmers doing some incomprehensible tech stuff today), and finicky besides. The problem with posting progress is that it's liable to change very suddenly and very often. Besides that, we've also been a bit wobbly getting on our feet. With all the fun pre-production stuff mostly out of the way, the shift into the long slog of actual production hasn't been exactly smooth. There's been a bit of internal weirdness (all sorts of arguments and hurt feelings that arise from working with a large ass team where no one makes decisions) besides, but all in all I think we're starting to get the pace of it. I might as well give you guys some development progress so:

  • Act 1 pretty much finalized
  • Paths for most girls finalized
  • Sprite production started
  • Scene writing started

So if there's nothing interesting to tell about development, besides declaring the occasional milestone reached, what do we use this blog for? Answering fan questions? The forums and IRC are rather more suited for that. I suppose that the purpose of it will form and evolve into something in and of itself in time. It'll most definitely vary greatly depending on which dev is writing the posts, as well. If you're stuck with me you'll get those long form diatribes about what it's like to make Missing Stars. With others, who knows? I suppose that's what this will be for; little soapboxes for whatever the dev wants to talk about. It'll be a little chronicle of our minds as we continue down this insane journey we've undertaken. It might be interesting. 

Foux da fa fa