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Character Preview #7: Renée Baum

Artist - yune
Character writer & creator - Smokey

Hello everyone! Looks like it's time for another preview! I'm Smokey and I'm honored to present you with another character of ours. Enjoy~

Name: Renée Baum
Nationality: German
Hair colour: Blonde (Dyed green)
Eye colour: Brown

She is quiet yet ambitious, and enjoys a close relationship with her natural surroundings- she is a proud member of the school's astronomy club. She's a bit shy, not willing to talk to others unless she has to; getting to know her reveals a very bubbly girl with a penchant for savory food. She enjoys long walks in the woods, hardcore rap music, mango Fanta, and red meat. They'll listen to "whatever" and don't seem to care much for television - largely due to the fact that (with the exception of the news) the only television show the pair have watched from start to finish is Spokoynoy nochi, malyshi. When not listening to her seemingly infinite repositories of music or playing a tune, Anna Renée is likely gazing into the depths of her computer, absorbing the newest piece of media to catch her attention. While her reserved nature might make her difficult to approach, the passion she pours into her singing is Katja's Renée's most charming quality.