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Somnova Studios: April 2022 Update

Hey everyone, it's Hamadyne here with a new update for Missing Stars: Act One.

As we move further into the 2022, we've been making a lot of progress on the new build for Steam. Something we've been working on for a while is an improved save/load menu!

Saving now has a more intuitive space for writing save messages.

And loading... looks pretty similar! Very nice.

Adam has been working hard at getting this menu looking super polished (and significantly less buggy than the older version), and we hope to polish the rest of the UI just as well as this menu is!

Meanwhile, in the art department, we've been adding some more facial expressions for some of our characters who sorely needed some additional emotes. Isolda and Annaliese, for some reason, were a bit stony-faced when we initially made the requests for their initial sprites, and we wanted to add a bit more life to their respective characters.

This expression was on another pose, but for some reason wasn't on this side-facing one.

We should have had this one before; it's inexcusable for us to not have a "just vibing" face for Annaliese. We apologize for the inconvenience.

CG work is progressing along quite nicely. Here's a WIP of one of Annaliese's CGs!

Just what is she pointing out, I wonder?

Finally, Callie has been tasked with reworking some of our older sprites. Brunhilda, for starters, was wearing... very tight pants. Too tight. For the sake of her circulation, we have decided to give her a more relaxed fit.

See? Much more comfortable.

We have more stuff happening behind the scenes, but we don't want to spoil everything! As mentioned previously, we don't have a fixed date in mind for the Steam release just yet, but we feel we're getting closer to settling on one, so please stay tuned for more updates!

One final thing: During the month of March, we also teamed up with our sister studio, Watercress, in a game jam. NaNoRenO 2022 was a month-long event where we were tasked with making a visual novel in that timeframe. The result? A cute, adorable VN called Sunny Side Up! Here's a brief summary:

"In the depths of space, where hearts align, you may find a peculiar space diner: the Sunny Side Up. Owned and operated by Sunny and Flynn, you won't find a better egg-cracking experience anywhere else in the galaxy - and they're out to prove it! Given an opportunity by the renowned food critic, Beans, follow the couple through a journey of self-discovery and shell-breaking as they prepare for a galaxy-spanning omelet-cooking contest!"

Seems like something you'd want to play? Go over to and check it out!

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