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Somnova Studios Update: 10 Year Anniversary

10 years. 

120 months. 

3,625 days.

As of February 17th, 2022, Somnova Studios and our project Missing Stars will officially be 10 years old! In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, we are planning to do a live Q&A on our Twitch channel, giving you wonderful fans a chance to ask us any questions that you're dying to know the answer to!
On February 1st, we will be releasing a Google Forms survey for you folks to submit questions for the livestream. After two weeks, we will select a few questions to start the stream, as well as take any other questions that come through our Twitch chat. 

Feel free to ask about: 

  • Any of our projects (Missing Stars, Arcadia, Surkea etc.) 
  • A Field of Flowers and Stars (co-produced with Watercress, our sister studio) 
  • Movies, books, TV shows, art and games that have inspired us over the years
  • Something silly (within reason) 
  • Whatever else comes to mind!

While we are very excited about what questions you have for us, we also feel it's important to set some boundaries to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Please refrain from asking the following:  

    • "When is Missing Stars going to be released?"
      We don't have a release date yet, and that answer won't chance from now until the livestream. 
    •  "What will happen on X girl's route/any spoilers you can tease?"
      If we were to reveal any spoilers it would ruin the experience when we finally release the game! We know you've been waiting a long time, but please wait just a bit longer. We promise it will be worth it in the end! 

    • Please, no personal questions about our studio members


Our Art Department has been hard at work updating our character sprites. Here's a sneak peek at the fruits of their labor!

Fran is looking as dashing as ever!

That Ela wink has me weak at the knees...

We also want to take a moment to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Missing Stars has been in development for a decade now, and this studio has gone through so many ups and downs with this project involving developer turnover, the story (and some routes) being re-written from the ground up, the ongoing pandemic, and so on. It means the world to us that you have continued to be enthusiastic about our work, as well as Missing Stars to finally be completed. We simply cannot wait to finally release it and to share all of the passion that we have put into this project over the years. 

So from everyone here at Somnova Studios, to the fans who have been here since the beginning, and the new fans who have only recently found us, thank you so much. We're very excited to show you more of Missing Stars this year, so please look forward to it! 

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