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Somnova Studios: November 2021 Update

It's time for another Missing Stars Update! 

While working on our changes for Act One's upcoming Steam release, our writer for Lena has had to make his departure from the studio. It's unfortunate, but it happens with volunteer projects such as these. We took the time to find a suitable replacement for Lena - her unique characterization meant we had to find someone who could really excel with her character. Sadly, we felt that there was no one who could capture the original writing style. What's more, the act of finding a new writer might also introduce additional risks such as potential ghosting and/or incompatibilities with other team members. All of this internal discussion was also taking up valuable time that would be better suited for other Missing Stars content. 

As a result of this, we feel that it is best to remove Lena as a route character, and make her a side character instead. 

What does this mean for Act One? 
Lena's character will still be featured in Act One scenes, but scenes that lead to her route will be modified or removed. 
Will Lena still show up in other routes? 
Yes! We have plans for keeping Lena as a prominent side character in scenes beyond Act One.
Do you have plans to get a new writer for Lena (and her route) eventually?
As of this writing, no. Should our situation change, we will share our plans with the public. 

Outside of handling Lena's character, we are making steady progress on updating our UI into our new Ren'Py build. In addition, the art team has also been hard at work at making some amazingly polished CGs for the end-of-route scenes. We can't wait for all of you to see them! In the meantime, Likhos is working on polishing some older art assets to make them look even better!

As always, thanks again for taking the time to read our latest update!