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Somnova Studios: August 2020 Update

So... “where have we been the last few months?” you might be asking. Is Missing Stars still being developed? Have we finally died off? 

You'll be happy to hear that we aren’t dead and we’re still working on Act 2 and beyond. Unfortunately, like a lot of places around the world, we ran into delays as we adjusted to the pandemic situation. It never halted, but it definitely took a mental toll on a lot of the devs.
Because of said pandemic, we've had to put our NaNoRenO project, How To Romance a Demon Lord, on hold. We're hoping to complete it sometime in the future, and we'll make an announcement when we decide to revisit the concept. 

With things settling down somewhat, we're ready to ramp up production of the rest of Missing Stars, so expect more timely updates from us moving forward. We're very excited to show more content to you guys. 

In fact, let's start now! We have two WIPs of some of our upcoming CGs, which will be added to Act One
Hm...  What's going on here with Katja?

What's Isolda doing outside?

Finally, our
Overlord Hamadyne has been working tirelessly to revamp our official website! It’s much cleaner than the previous layout, and it adds a team roster of our active members, a page for all of our projects and social media links. Make sure to give him a hug (while adhering to social distancing standards) when you see him online next time!

Here's what it looked like before...